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join devi for a

one day music video workshop




the pussycat dolls

strategic teaching // learning resources

will make this sequence accessible + fun

for beginners as well as experienced dancers


explore the edge of your comfort zone 

cultivate confidence through embracing challenge


enhance your performance skills


expand your body awareness


refine your dance technique


create meaningful relationships

immerse yourself in a supportive dance community


::: the details :::


sunday, november 12th


11:30am - 2pm

>>> learning session // rehearsal <<<

two weeks prior to the workshop date, you'll receive access to video resources of devi teaching the combo so that, if desired, you'll have the opportunity to learn the choreography ahead of time.  when you meet in person, devi will break the sequence down into snack-sized sections + answer questions.  you'll rehearse the piece to a slowed down version of the song as well as at tempo.  from there, you'll rehearse the combination in smaller groups, practice adding attitude, + receive customized feedback. 


{ we'll meet @ peacebank yoga // 2603 broadway redwood city }

2pm - 3:30pm


>>> make up // costumes // snacks <<<

take a breather, grab a bite, + get camera ready!

{ peacebank will be available to use as a dressing room // chill zone }

4pm - 5:30pm

>>> video shoot! <<<

the final section of our time together will be dedicated to performing.  we'll caravan to our nearby shoot location + do the thing!  a videographer will capture some dancers performing the combo solo as well as some small group shots + a few takes of the entire group dancing 2gether.  you'll receive download access to all raw footage plus a bad@$$ edited compilation.

{ @ redwall film studio // 3624 edison way fremont }

::: investment :::



{ no refunds or credits }

past choreography workshop series videos

{ 7 RINGS }


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