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stereo FUNK


hip hop inspired choreography. 

killer playlist. 

non stop movement.

you'll learn choreo to a playlist of current + throwback hip hop, pop, and edm tracks   

quick pacing + detailed instruction create the opportunity to master dynamic, expressive choreo *and* get a solid workout  

let go of whatever else is happening in your day, give yourself over to the beat of the music, breathe deeply + dance your bum off 

stereo FLUX




full-body strength + cardio experience

fused with the beat 

standing strength

((squats, lunges + deadlifts)) 

floor work

((planks, bridges + core)) 

explosive cardio

((jumping-jacks, skaters + burpees)) 


float back to reality with a meditative stretch 


stereo FLOW


move to the beat.

breathe to the beat.

a dynamic yoga experience that syncs up

breath + movement

with the beat of a groovy playlist  


journey thru

standing + balancing poses into

ecstatic movements + restorative postures 


meditation in motion 


all levels yoga

breathe deeply. 

root down. 

expand ur heart.


grounded, playful, hatha-inspired flow

that layers movement with breath,

encourages u to notice sensations without judgment,


and creates opportunities to cultivate

alignment integrity in postures

ranging from foundational to challenging. 

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