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 >>> do my classes expire if i don't use them? 


nope!!!  credits roll over from month to month.  if u don't use them in one month, u can use them to join class in the future.

 >>> will my previously purchased class credits still b accessible after january 1, 2021? 

absolutely.  ur credits will still b valid for use ((with no expiration date)), but u won't b able to purchase additional class packages at the former rate after january 1, 2021, so stock up now if u don't plan on committing to a membership.  


 >>> wut if i want to take more than 12 classes in the month? 


no problem ... purchase drop-in classes to supplement ur membership, or reach out to us + we'll customize a solution for u :))) 


 >>> i'm traveling or have a super busy month, so i won't be able to get to class regularly ... can i pause my membership? 


no worries if u can't get to class for a few weeks.  u won't lose those classes!  we're not pausing memberships because those credits u accumulate will never expire.  u can use them when ur schedule chills out!  if this doesn't work for u, u can always cancel + then activate a membership again when ur ready. 


 >>> how will i receive my monthly goodies? 


playlists will b sent straight to ur inbox! 


 >>> why wud i want to commit to a membership? 


a few reasons ...


building a habit!  we believe that if u've signed up in advance, ur more likely to show up for urself, take class consistently, + gain all the benefits that come with moving ur body // connecting with community.  


the goodies!  members will receive access to special offers ((think free guest passes + invites to VIP classes)) as well as exclusive content ((class recordings, playlists, and more!))


supporting a business whose values align with urs!  we are committed to paying instructors a higher per person rate than literally *any* other business in the industry.  no less than $7/person per class goes directly to the instructor.  for reference, this is 2x - 7x as much as instructors are paid to teach elsewhere.  to us, anything less than paying our creative artists a sustainable wage is a crime.  


invest in a bright future!  a portion of membership rates go toward growing theDrop, enabling us in our journey to make a positive impact on the world thru music // movement + making SUPER FUN future offerings possible! 💗


 >>> if i decide the membership isn't a good fit for me, how can i cancel? 


send an email to no less than 72 hours prior to ur next renewal + we'll take care of u.  after cancellation, u'll no longer have access to any banked credits + will need to purchase a drop-in if u'd like to join class. 

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