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fall season

 september thru november 2022


 a 3-month journey 

 thru which we’ll bond as an ensemble + 

 experience how being part of something bigger, 

 being really intentionally seen + held + supported by the group, 

 allows us to open up more fully as dancers + purrrformers. 

 together we’ll take a variety of classes, 

 connect meaningfully with one another, 

 have opportunities to recover, 

 collaborate to create a kittens-only music video, 

 and have a damn good time doing it.

thru the program, you'll also receive

elevated individualized attention from devi,

opportunities to submit rehearsal videos for personalized feedback,

+ the option to record a solo of any (( or all ! )) music videos

you choose to participate in throughout the course of the program.

hungry kitten club is for you if you wanna …


🍽 experience being part of an ensemble 🍽 

 🍽 receive greater 1:1 mentorship in your dance endeavors 🍽 

 🍽 bridge the gap between class + performance 🍽 

 🍽 let yourself be seen 🍽 

 🍽 discover who u r as a performer 🍽 

🍽 learn how to establish a character + create character choices in your dancing 🍽 

🍽 refine your presence on camera 🍽 

 🍽 explore different dance styles with a supportive crew alongside you 🍽 

 🍽 cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself 🍽 

 🍽 cultivate deeper relationships within your dance family 🍽 

 🍽 prioritize monthly recovery + add new nourishing practices to your self care kit 🍽 

 🍽 feel supported in your growth journey by a loving guide + community of dancers 🍽 


 🍽 unleash your inner kitten 🍽 

 🍽 have fun! 🍽 

what do you get?

 🐱 access to kittens only music video workshop series 🐱 

 choreography will be customized for our group, 

 highlighting individuals’ strengths + targeting individuals’ areas for growth

these experiences will integrate opportunities to give + receive feedback

as well as incorporate performance-focused training + character work


 🐱 this series will include 🐱 

 2x learning sessions 

 2x rehearsals

 2-hour video shoot


 professional performance coaching

 professional videographer 

 professional makeup artist

final edited video to share

 dubbed raw footage


 intention setting 

 relationship building 

 co-creation of a safe space 

 collection of workshop-specific playlists 

 folder of video learning resources

🐱 3x dance field trips 🐱 

we'll take a jazz funk class @ full out studios in oakland

we'll take a hip hop class @ dance mission in SF

+ our other excursion will be to see a visually stunning production

featuring cloud gate dance theatre of taiwan at UC berkeley

🐱 3x just for fun outings 🐱 

each of our dance field trips will be accompanied

by a happy hour or shared meal

🐱 3x virtual restorative yoga pajama parties 🐱 

initiate personal reflection,

check in + connect with your kitten community,

and restore your body // mind // spirit

with relaxing stretches // postures // breathing

 🐱 other purrrks 🐱 


>>> xtra purrrformance opportunities <<<

kittens will each be given the chance to record a solo @ every

music video workshop shoot september thru november


(( solo footage dubbed upon request ))

>>> additional individualized attention + feedback <<<

send devi a video of yourself dancing the music video combo +

receive detailed, customized feedback from devi via voice recording


(( if desired, a video of class choreography can be sent for feedback

should kittens choose not to join the monthly music video workshop series ))


>>> kitty loot <<<

one-of-a-kind HKC fall season hoodie

designed exclusively for kittens by lauren jane studio


>>> professional make up <<<

naya jade will be offering makeup design + application

for our kittens only november music video shoot

past choreography workshop series videos

 .:. the way you make me feel .:. 

.:. titanium .:.

.:. 7 rings .:.

dates to know



hungry kitten dance field trip

tuesday, 9/13 ::: 6:30pm - 7:45pm

((jazz funk @ full out studios))

just for fun outing

tuesday, 9/13 ::: 8pm - 9pm

((kava kittens happy hour @ melomelo))


virtual restorative yoga pajama party

tuesday, 9/27 ::: 8:30pm - 9:45pm



hungry kitten dance field trip

sunday, 10/30 ::: 3pm - 5:15pm

((13 tongues @ UC berkeley))

just for fun outing

sunday, 10/30 ::: 5:30pm - 7pm

((discussion + dinner @ gather))


virtual restorative yoga pajama party

tuesday, 10/25 ::: 8:30pm - 9:45pm


kittens only music video workshop series

saturday, 11/5 ::: 2:30pm - 4:30pm

((learning session))

sunday, 11/6 ::: 11:30am - 1:30pm

((learning session))

tuesday, 11/8 ::: 8:30pm - 10pm


saturday, 11/12 ::: 12:15pm - 1:30pm


sunday, 11/13 ::: 2:30pm - 4:30pm

((video shoot))

hungry kitten dance field trip

monday, 11/21 ::: 8pm - 9:30pm

((hip hop @ dance mission))

just for fun outing

monday, 11/21 ::: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

((guac + talk @ gracias madre))


virtual restorative yoga pajama party

tuesday, 11/29 ::: 8:30pm - 9:45pm

plz note ... all dates r optional!

absolute alignment of your availability with these dates is NOT a prerequisite to joining the club.

video resources of music video workshop series content will b provided.

monthly virtual restorative yoga pajama parties will b recorded + recordings will b shared.

your guide


is a


spiritual dancer

devoted yogi

proud performer 

shameless flirt

rule breaker

playlist architect 

day rager

movement magician

systems questioner 

intention setter

social butterfly 

heart healer

+ all around

curious kiddo.

she brings her experience in immersive, site-integrated theatre, over 500 hours of training in yoga + ayurveda, and a notoriously silly sense of humor to her offerings. 


her teachers + inspirations include

hafiz, kameko shibata, david moreno, kygo, rupaul, toro y moi,

lady gaga, JV mercanti, plant medicine, carla greco, grimes, sharon mayfield, betty walpert, kay gross, trees dancing in the breeze, koga 

investment options

🐱 do the thing 🐱 

$649 paid in full

🐱 bite sized bills 🐱 

3x monthly payments of $220

{ registration closes september 8th }

🐱 inclusivity is a priority 🐱 

if this feels like a fck yes for you, but the cost is prohibitive ...

apply + select "plz consider me for a scholarship!"

cuz we definitely wanna find a way to make the program accessible for u!

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