peacebank x theDrop 


 silent disco dance + yoga 


 wellesley crescent park, redwood city 

 12:30pm - 1:05pm - stereoFUNK with devi 

 1:10pm - 1:45pm - vinyasa FLOW with emily 

 classes will be offered using silent disco headphones 

 all shared equipment will be carefully sanitized 

 before + after the event 

join peacebank and theDrop for a silent disco dance and yoga collaboration. devi ((founder of theDrop)) will kick off this event with an energetic 35-minute stereoFUNK class featuring hip-hop-inspired choreography. next, emily ((founder of peacebank)) will invite you to tune in, stretch, and release through a 35-minute vinyasa FLOW.

the entire experience will be accompanied by a motivating mix designed by live DJ wolf cub.

feel the beat, let loose, and let go


 masks will be worn + social distancing 

 will be honored throughout the event!