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looking for adventure in whatever comes our way


we’re always searching for an excuse to party

+ this time we’ve found a really good one ...

join us for
devi's 30th birthday celebration!

sunday, july 17th
5pm - 8pm
east foothills, san jose

specific location details disclosed upon booking

shed your layers.

activate your heart.

unleash your wild.

::: what happens when we ditch the script? :::
::: what happens when we stop should-ing ourselves :::
::: what happens when we replace “make it happen” with “let it happen” ? :::
::: what happens when we allow movement to be an exploration rather than a performance? :::



will feature


a guided dance experience that conditions your inner artist,

creates opportunities for uninhibited release,

+ emphasizes the journey rather than the destination

(( s i l e n t   d i s c o ))
stereoFunk ::: freedom

with devi

you’ll also have plenty of time + space to

freestyle, socialize, be silly, make new friends, jump in the pool, breathe, express yourself,

give + receive hugs, groove to the beat of your own drum, play, watch the sunset


and, of course …

the entire soirée will be accompanied by

DJ wolf cub

spinning a custom mix jam-packed with devi’s faves

our wardrobe theme will be

lisa frank jungle

like, if a pride party + a sexy safari had a baby,

wut outfit wud that baby be wearing?

that’s your look for this event.

(( just wanted to give u a heads up here cuz if you’re anything like us, curating your costume is half the fun! ))

the lineup


5pm // doors open

5:30pm // movement warm-up

5:45pm // stereoFunk ::: freedom w/ devi

6:15pm // ecstatic dance w/ wolf cub

7:30pm // closing circle

>>> snag your spot before july 1st for $10 off! <<<

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